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I don’t think people give Flash enough credit.

Dis lil disrespectful ass “My dolly was in there” and “My dolly had blonde hair” Lol I would of spun her in circles just enough to make her fall down.

You’re right Flash deserves ALOT more credit than what he gets he’s not just someone who runs fast.

he can fucking go back in time

That was the coolest thing about him

His memory may have been short term but he could absorb enough information (LIKE HOW TO PROPERLY BUILD A BUILDING) long enough to pull of shit like that

and this is why flash is my favorite.

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this is the best

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I have obtained an iPhone 5. Sweeeet.. #thankful #flowers #rose #plugs #smiles #legendary

Just woke up from a nap. Now to gain more knowledge. #plugs #beautifulnight #allthatandabagofchips #life #is #legendary

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HAHAHAH what a fucking boss. HOW?! I can’t even lift the top half of my body in this damn ride.

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Young couple cuddling as they sit down in a hole in the sand while others lie around behind them on a hot Independence Day at the beach. Photo by Ralph Crane, 1949.

After WWII oh man. Imagine…

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This bitch is livin the ideal life and I’m jealous

she looks so pretty when she sleeps..

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